About Us


Welcome to VANE & LUCENT

At VANE & LUCENT, we're all about spreading love, peace, and artistic vibes that transcend time. Our journey began with a vision to blend vintage futurism with dreamy aesthetics, creating digital prints that groove with your soul.

Who We Are

Hey there, I'm Brandon Swenson, the cosmic artist and dreamer behind VANE & LUCENT. With a groovy background in Photography and Visual Arts, I channel vibes of creativity and wonder into every piece of art.

What We Sell

Dive into our collection of far-out digital collage art pieces, each a kaleidoscope of colors and emotions. From trippy landscapes to mixed media marvels, each creation at VANE & LUCENT is a journey into a world of groovy illusions.

Why We Sell These Items

We believe in the power of art to elevate consciousness and spread good vibes. Our mission is to share this cosmic experience with fellow free spirits, bringing a touch of magic into everyday life through our art. Whether you're a seasoned art aficionado or a wandering soul discovering the beauty of digital collage, we invite you to tune into our vibe and join us on this cosmic adventure.

Keep shining your light,

Brandon Swenson

Cosmic Creator, VANE & LUCENT